We want to take your children back to a simpler time before all the video games, Iphones, Ipods & Ipads. Here at Stokes Homestead Farm Market, you’ll find good, old fashioned toys that never get old and a few unique toys as well.

Your kids can build their own log cabin with our Log Building set or piece together a wooden pocket knife with JJ’s Wooden Knife kits. We also feature Crayon Rocks which put a unique twist on an old-time favorite. These crayon rocks were invented by a woman who taught special needs children for more than 2 decades. These crayons are specifically designed for young children to help perfect their fine motor skills. 

crayon-rocks-1 kids-toys                                      

Here’s some other kid items that we offer:

Farm coloring books, Tractor Mac Books, Marbles & Marble mats, Riverboat Whistles, Kazoo Whistles, River Rocks, Boomerangs, Giant checker boards, pocket puzzles and old fashioned candies.