(Packaged especially for our Market in Illinois and Ohio.) 

*All items with blueberries are made with Stokes Homestead’s blueberries 
Strawberry Fruit Topping 
Dutch Apple Fruit Topping 
Cherry Blueberry Preserves 
Blueberry Butter 
Blueberry Preserves 
Blueberry Fruit Topping
Apple Butter 
Dutch Apple Preserves 
Red Raspberry Preserves 
Peach Preserves 
Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves 
Peach Amaretto Preserves 
Rhubarb Preserves 
Seedless Strawberry Preserves 
Seedless Raspberry Preserves 
No Sugar Added Apple Butter 
Sucrose-free Strawberry Spread 
Sucrose-free Blueberry Spread
Christmas Jam